Marin Summer Yeshiva 2017


Toroptics (Rabbi Rice)

Judaism provides us with a unique way of viewing the world.  This includes how we view our very own life as well as how we see those with whom we interact.  Most of our maladaptive behaviors and negative emotions of anger, depression, and anxiety stem from how we see things.  The way we view the world sets the stage for how we react to everything.

Imagine if you could see things how they are, not as they seem.  Discover a new and powerful mind lens that will convert the distortions to opportunities and blessings.


Daily Torah (Rabbi Rice)

A short curriculum for each day of the year.  Some Torah & Commentary, Tanya, & Daily Study of Mitzvot.  Energize each day with some deep and meaningful Torah.


The Life of King David (Rabbi Hecht)

King David lived a short but complicated life. Intrigue, war, family infighting and of course his love for Batsheva, King David served an essential but complicated purpose in the formation of the Jewish nation and the construction of the Beit HaMikdash. Find out how we can grow from the lessons of his life.


Psalms: What, Why & How To (Rabbi Rice)

One of the most remarkable books of the Torah that describes the strife, struggle and successes of King David.  But they were written with the Divine spirit having the life of every person in mind.  Find your song in the book of Tehillim.


Dreams (Rabbi Landa)

Troubling, scary and downright funny!  Discover the light that Torah sheds on these enigmatic quirks of our consciousness.

What Will Happen When the Messiah Comes (Rabbi Landa)

Will Pork become Kosher, will money grow on trees?  Will life go on as usual?  Discover what our sages say about this amazing time that is coming soon. 


Transformative Tanya (Rabbi Hecht)

This deep spiritual work also speaks of the importance of being happy as well what to focus on to ignite our inner joy.  Explore this mystical work with infinite impact and application.




Rabbi Yisrael Rice is the Executive Director of Chabad of Marin, San Rafael, California, where he has been a community leader and educator for the past 30 years.  Rabbi Rice is Chairman of the Jewish Learning Institute flagship division.  Rabbi Rice is a popular teacher of Judaism known for his insightful grasp and his sense of humor.  He is author of the course SoulQuest: life, afterlife and beyond, which was taught in over 350 communities around the world and The Kabbalah of Now.   He has also lectured around the US with his seminar “The Four Keys of Kabbalah,” which explains how Judaism can bring vibrancy and grounding to our every-day life.   Rabbi Rice can be reached at

 American-born Rabbi Ahron Hecht attended Tomchei Tmimim Yeshiva in Kfar Chabad, Israel, where he was ordained by the former Chief Rabbi, Ovadia Yosef.  He continued post-graduate studies at the Yeshiva Kolel in Melbourne, Australia, where he also served as a lecturer at Monash University and  taught extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand.
   He, his wife Sara, and their twelve children currently live in the Richmond district of San Francisco.  Their home is always open on Shabbat or at any time someone needs a place to shmooze.     "A rabbi should serve as a teacher and friend, not just an orator," Rabbi Hecht has said.  His ability to blend the mystical and logical makes his teaching particularly appealing to modern Jew.  Rabbi Hecht can be reached at