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High Holiday Services

High Holiday Services


High Holiday Services - 5777 2016

High Holidays

October 2 6:33  Candle Lighting
     6:40   Evening Service      
     7:30   Community Rosh HaShana Meal    
Oct. 3-4 Morning Service 10:00
   11:30  Kids Program  
   12:30  Shofar          
Oct. 3  Rosh HaShana Experience  5:30 Abridged Rosh HaShana Service with Shofar Blowing followed by Rosh HaShana Refreshments & Tashlich
Oct.  11  6:15  Kol Nidrei      
Oct.  12  9:30  Morning Service
Break the Fast 7:30

It is our endeavor to make the services accessible and meaningful. Although the prayers are in Hebrew, all explanations and sermons are in English. You do not need to stay for the entire service. We welcome you to come and participate for the amount of time you wish. We have an open door policy for coming and leaving.

There is no charge to attend services. There is a suggested donation of $180 for the Holiday season. Please give more if you can; we are funded only by your generosity. Please go to "participate" to make your contribution online. Or, send your donation by mail.

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