How to get the will for the way

Wednesday, 18 July, 2012 - 2:15 am

Where there is a will there is a way.  Yes, we have all heard it before, but did it ever occur to the one making this grand pronouncement that in fact, there is no will whatsoever!  So the question then becomes, how do we produce will? 

According to Chassidic Psychology will receives its charge from the highest level of existence - Delight (ta'anug).  We have an innate sense of what will bring us to experience delight, and what will disturb this delight.  Based on this subconscious sense, we want to do certain things and we strongly do not want to do others.  When we lack will, often times it is simply that there is some activity that we must do that disturbs our delight.  This is our most concious awareness, and so it is the front line of our battle with life.  We must break through our initial discomforts to realize our more profound delights.  This profound delight can be cleaning our room, terminate world hunger, or writing an eLetter.

Since our most concious impulse is our discomfort, we must put forth extra effort to feed our subconcious.  Practically speaking, spend four minutes on imagining the delight you will receive from achieving your goal.  Do not underestimate the power of this daydeam.    Make this day dream as real as possible in your mind, add details such as colors, people and furnishings.  Think about how good you will feel having accomplished your purpose (big or small).  Then make a list with 8 tasks that need to be doing to acheive your goal. 

Jewish Cosmology teaches that G-d imagined the great pleasure that He would derive from a human-being "down" here performing His will through one's own choice.  It was this pleasure that then generated the Ohr Ein Sof (the Infinite Light of G-d), and ultimately brought about this world.  So, when one does a simple Mitzvah here in this world he or she is causing a great delight above.  The delight that brought about this universe in the first place.  I can't think of anything that could make me happier! 

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