About Chabad of Marin



Chabad of Marin was established in June of 1984, founded by a group of Marin families dedicated to creating a vibrant organization for Jewish outreach in the North Bay.   In September of 1988 Chabad found a permanent home in San Rafael's Lucas Valley area.


Chabad's programs and participation have grown steadily in recent years.  In 1999 served more than 1,200 people in programs ranging from the Gan Israel Preschool to the Jewish Learning Institute.  Weekday, Shabbat and festival services are held at the Chabad house attended by persons from all shades of Jewish practice and affiliation.


Chabad serves not only as a traditional spiritual center but as a community resource as well.  Rabbi Yisrael Rice, the director and spiritual leader of Chabad of Marin has been part of the community since 1987.  He has conducted programs and taught classes at the Osher/Marin JCC, Congregation Kol Shofar, Congregation Rodef Sholom and Brandeis-Hillel Day School as well as at many other schools and organizations in the Bay Area.   His seminar "The Four Keys of Kabbalah" has touched thousands around the country.


Rabbi Hillel Scop joined the community in 1998 funded through generous contributions of the local community.  Rabbi Scop runs Chabad's Youth and Outreach efforts including the Living Legacy program, which offers hands-on projects surrounding the holidays and ritual, and Camp Gan Israel.  Mrs. Chana Scop heads the Chabad Women’s Group, which produces attractive packages for distribution to hospitals and shut-ins during the festivals.  Check out Chabad of Mill Valley


In March of 2012 Rabbi Menachem & Adina Landa joined the Chabad of Marin team to open a center of light in Novato.  Check out Chabad of Novato.


 Together, the Rices, Scops and Landas offer diversity and richness to Jewish Life in the North Bay. 


Chabad of Marin is funded solely through the community and receives no operating funding support from national or international sources.

The Chabad theme is “A celebration of Jewish life.”  This embodies our endeavor to bring the most profound elements of Jewish thought and experience within reach of the Jewish population of the Northbay and beyond.