Marin Summer Yeshiva - 2018

 Join us for Shabbat & three full days of study with inspiring topics, an engaging group of students and delicious and healthy meals.  In the picturesque hills of Lucas Valley.

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Sunday, August 12    

8:15    Shacharit

9:45   Breakfast

10:30 Talmud

12:00 Hand Washing

1:00   Lunch

1:45   Personal Divine Providence

3:45   Jewish Ethics: Honesty  (Rabbi Landa)

5:30    Chassidic Philosophy: Transcendent Connection

6:45   Dinner    

 MSY Lecture Series

7:30   How Does G‑d Speak to us Today?

          Rabbi Ahron Hecht



  Monday, August 13


9:00   Breakfast

9:45   Talmud

11:15 Hand Washing 12:30       Lunch   

1:15   Personal Divine Providence

3:00   Mezuzah: The Mitzvah, Midrash & The Mysticism

5:00     Chassidic Philosophy: Transcendent Connection

6:30   Dinner

MSY Lecture Series

Déjà Ju

Reincarnation according to Kabbalah

7:30       Rabbi Yisrael Rice



Tuesday, August 14 


9:00   Breakfast

9:45   Talmud

11:15 Hand Washing


1:30   Personal Divine Providence

3:15   Jewish Ethics: Stem Cell Research (Rabbi Landa)

5:00     Chassidic Philosophy

6:30   Dinner


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