Marin Summer Yeshiva 2021  


Four Keys of Kabbalah Seminar (Rabbi Rice)

A three hour seminar that will give you renewed meaning and purpose in life.  What was G‑d’s big idea in creation? How can we find this meaning through our daily Jewish work? This seminar is sure to rejuvenate your spirituality and illuminate your practice. This year, the seminar will focus on the amazing, transformative give of the Torah, including a Torah Meditation.  

You Be the Scribe! (Rabbi Potash)

Join us for a Torah Workshop!

Come and learn the different steps of how parchment is made and the significance of STAM! (Sefer Torah, Tefillin and Mezuzot). Each participant will recieve their own ink, quill and parchment.  With the assistance of the expert scribe, Rabbi Levi Potash, you will learn to write in Torah calligraphy! Additionally each participant will receive a personalized Scribal Keychain.

Talmud (Rabbi Rice)

An in-depth look at the collective unconscious of the Jewish people.  The Talmud has been the mainstay of Jewish study and Halachic authority for 2,000 years.  We will study Chapter 2 of Tractate Brachot, which deals with mindfulness when fulfilling a Mitzvah. And how, exactly, do we fulfill the Mitzvah of Reciting the Shema.    


Chassidus for every person: (Rabbi Rice)

Chassidus reveals the Divine intention and purpose of life. It uncovers the deep mystical truth that lays beneath the surface. We will embark on a journey of self-discovery through the Chassidic texts.    

Safe and Secure(Rabbi Bell)

A Chassidic perspective on overcoming depression, loneliness and negative urges. The ripple effect of happiness and placing one’s trust in G‑d.     

The Food of Plenty & Poverty : (Rabbi Bell)

A deep dive into the texture, tastes and miracles surrounding the Manna spoken about in this week's Torah portion of Eikev. Discover its relevance to our daily lives.


The Lost Ten Tribes (Rabbi Mishulovin)

Gain insight into Torah perspectives on life beyond Earth and how to observe Judaism in outer space.

Class, Privilege and Birthright in Judaism

Does Judaism believe in class distinction? And if so, to which class would you belong?  What responsibilities come with each group? Is it a birthright or merit based?


Rabbi Yisrael Rice is the Executive Director of Chabad of Marin, San Rafael, California, where he has been a community leader and educator for the past 30 years.  Rabbi Rice is Chairman of the Jewish Learning Institute flagship division.  Rabbi Rice is a popular teacher of Judaism known for his insightful grasp and his sense of humor.  He is author of the course SoulQuest: life, afterlife and beyond, which was taught in over 350 communities around the world and The Kabbalah of Now.  

Rabbi Rice is the author of The Four Keys of Kabbalah - Dove Publishing, and has lectured around the globe on Kabbalah & Meditation.   

Rabbi Yanky Bell is the director at Chabad of El Cerrito along with his wife Shternie. Born in Leeds, UK, Rabbi Yanky spent time in Yeshivot in Safed, Israel, Detroit Michigan and S. Paulo, Brazil where he interned for a year. A researcher, editor and teacher, Rabbi Bell is known for his classes in Kabbalah and Chassidut as well as his passion for Jewish outreach.

Rabbi Levi Potash is a Chabad Rabbi, born and raised in London, England. He studied in yeshivos in Israel and Hungary and received his Rabbinical Ordination from Yeshiva Tomchei Temimim in NY. He has been involved with scribal writing since his youth, and was recently certified as a scribe. He lectures and does workshops on Kabbalah and Scribal writing across California and beyond.

He lives in Redwood city with his wife and six children and runs Chabad MidPen.

Rabbi Mendel Mishulovin grew up in Michigan, in a family of 10.  Rabbi Mendel’s educational journey took him across the pacific, exposing him to different Jewish communities, cultures, and personalities, colorful and intriguing. His rabbinical residency included stints in communities in Montana, Florida, Oklahoma, where he formed close relationships with folks from diverse backgrounds and started his path towards outreach.

Rabbi Mendel and his wife, Yocheved are the new Chabad emissaries to Corte Madera, CA.

faculty of past years

American-born Rabbi Ahron Hecht attended Tomchei Tmimim Yeshiva in Kfar Chabad, Israel, where he was ordained by the former Chief Rabbi, Ovadia Yosef.  He continued post-graduate studies at the Yeshiva Kolel in Melbourne, Australia, where he also served as a lecturer at Monash University and  taught extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand.

He, his wife Sara, and their twelve children currently live in the Richmond district of San Francisco.  "A rabbi should serve as a teacher and friend, not just an orator," Rabbi Hecht has said.  His ability to blend the mystical and logical makes his teaching particularly appealing to modern Jew.  

Rabbi Menachem Landa completed his studies at the West Coast Talmudical Seminary, where he received his law degree. He was ordained by Chief Rabbi of Ontario, Canada, Rabbi Dovid Schochet.

Rabbi Landa currently serves as the spiritual leader of Jewish Center of Novato, in Northern California where he and his wife, Adina, are developing a thriving Jewish community.