Marin Summer Yeshiva 2019


Four Keys of Kabbalah Seminar (Rabbi Rice)

Give us four hours. We will give you renewed meaning and purpose in life.  This seminar is the basis of the soon-to-be-published eponymous book. What was G‑d’s big idea in creation? How can we find this meaning through our daily Jewish work? This seminar is sure to rejuvenate your spirituality and illuminate your practice. 


Talmud (Rabbi Rice)

An in-depth look at the collective unconscious of the Jewish people.  The Talmud has been the mainstay of Jewish study and Halachic authority for 2,000 years.  We will study Chapter 2 of Tractate Brachot, which deals with mindfulness when fulfilling a Mitzvah. And how, exactly, do we fulfill the Mitzvah of Reciting the Shema.    


Kabbalah Cosmology: (Rabbi Rice)

First there was the Divine Essence. Nothing Else. Then what happened? Join us on a guided tour of creation according to our Mystical writings.  All of the spiritual levels will come to light as you discover the paramount place of existence is in the chair you now occupy. 



Shabbat in the Universe & in our Kitchen (Rabbi Hecht)

This holy day is the key to transforming our entire life. And it all starts in the kitchen. Join Rabbi Hecht on an in-depth study of the customs and practices of Shabbat. Discover the beauty of lighting Shabbat Candles, and the reasons behind the food that we eat. 


Area 51 - The Jewish View on UFO (Rabbi Landa)

Gain insight into Torah perspectives on life beyond Earth and how to observe Judaism in outer space.


What are you Waiting For (Rabbi Landa)

The first questions in the heavenly court after one’s life is “Did you await Mashiach’s arrival?” What is Mashiach and the Messianic era all about? How can we do our part in bringing about his imminent arrival?


Chassidic Philosophy  

Chassidic philosophy provides us with an in depth and meaningful look at what Judaism and Life are all about. Join us as we study some of the classical text of Chassidus. 


Beit Midrash

An uplifting opportunity to study the Marin Summer Yeshiva text with a study partner. Review the materials of the day, or bring your own favorite topic.  Make some noise with your Torah Study. 



  Rabbi Yisrael Rice is the Executive Director of Chabad of Marin, San Rafael, California, where he has been a community leader and educator for the past 30 years.  Rabbi Rice is Chairman of the Jewish Learning Institute flagship division.  Rabbi Rice is a popular teacher of Judaism known for his insightful grasp and his sense of humor.  He is author of the course SoulQuest: life, afterlife and beyond, which was taught in over 350 communities around the world and The Kabbalah of Now.   He has also lectured around the US with his seminar “The Four Keys of Kabbalah,” which explains how Judaism can bring vibrancy and grounding to our every-day life.   Rabbi Rice can be reached at [email protected]

 American-born Rabbi Ahron Hecht attended Tomchei Tmimim Yeshiva in Kfar Chabad, Israel, where he was ordained by the former Chief Rabbi, Ovadia Yosef.  He continued post-graduate studies at the Yeshiva Kolel in Melbourne, Australia, where he also served as a lecturer at Monash University and  taught extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand.

   He, his wife Sara, and their twelve children currently live in the Richmond district of San Francisco.  Their home is always open on Shabbat or at any time someone needs a place to shmooze.     "A rabbi should serve as a teacher and friend, not just an orator," Rabbi Hecht has said.  His ability to blend the mystical and logical makes his teaching particularly appealing to modern Jew.  Rabbi Hecht can be reached at [email protected]

 Rabbi Menachem Landa completed his studies at the West Coast Talmudical Seminary, where he received his law degree. He was ordained by Chief Rabbi of Ontario, Canada, Rabbi Dovid Schochet.

Rabbi Landa currently serves as the spiritual leader of Jewish Center of Novato, in Northern California where he and his wife, Adina, are developing a thriving Jewish community.